SouthWest Billing & Management Services LLC

Account Receivable

Reduce Bad Debt and Improve Cash Flow

Healthy revenue flow is the lifeline of any healthcare facility and this explains the need for efficient Accounts Receivable in medical billing. However, with the involvement of multiple stakeholders and the ever-increasing complex nature of the healthcare industry, AR can be a drain on the resources of healthcare facilities. Most medical practices are understaffed to handle the plethora of backend tasks necessary to cut down costs, reduce medical billing errors, and improve cash flow, and as a consequence, their focus on patient care gets diluted.

At SouthWest Billing, we have devised the ideal way to deliver customer-centric medical accounts receivable services to enable healthcare businesses to identify and mitigate all causes of revenue leakage. As a leading healthcare BPO company, our results-driven collection procedure helps generate faster payments across the entire credit portfolio of your healthcare facility. You can also outsource accounts receivable services to us for customized solutions for receivables that demand specialized treatment and strategic follow-ups. By outsourcing accounts receivable services to us, you get full control over the complicated and resource-hungry processes just by paying a fraction of your current costs.

Scope of our Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services is as follows:

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