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Denial Management

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Effective Denial Management Services from SouthWest Billing:

Whatever be the reason, the majority of claim denials are due to human error. Scribe Align is staffed with the top medical coding and billing experts, all of whom have been hand-picked for their knowledge in the field. These experts are always involved in ongoing staff education programmes to ensure that they have the most up-to-date knowledge of billing and coding regulations.

In general, insurance companies maintain a list of operations or diagnostic combinations that they will cover. Scribe Align maintains and keeps up-to-date a database of such permitted pairings by various insurance providers. To achieve maximum pay, our highly authorised coders ensure that the highest paid and highest approved mix of procedure and diagnosis codes is employed.

SouthWest’s Billing team diligently follows up on your denials and uses efficient denial analysis and resolutions to achieve successful appeals. When it comes to denial management, we understand the provider’s worry. It’s one of a healthcare organization’s worst nightmares. The most common reason for denial is inaccurate or missing data. We ensure that each code is categorised according to the type of denial and the person responsible for it. We use a roadmap to arrive at a perfect denial resolution, taking into account numerous criteria that are critical to obtaining clear, exact, and actionable data, which helps us report rejections on time and reveal account alterations.

Why denial management is important:

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